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Spiritual counselling involves a dynamic, intense and intimate engagement whereby the counsellor and client deeply examine the "something more" of human experience and development. At sometime in each person's life they recognize that they are more than their modifiable behaviours, neuro-chemical imbalances, intra-psychic conflicts, societal and occupational roles and cultural memberships. It is during these times of spiritual seeking and transformative discovery that one comes upon the meaningful and meaning-filled "unseens" of a lived life - the "something more". Using spiritual counselling to investigate the "something more" opens one up to questions, concerns and practices that involve the transcendent and transformative dimensions of personal growth like: values, hope, faith, love, meaning, connectedness, wholeness, compassion, suffering and forgiveness. Spiritual counselling recognizes the seeker in each of us and through catalytic conversations and dynamic questioning guides a person as they move along their odyssey of discovery and meaning. Got a question, need an answer, Let's Talk.


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