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June, 2006

Sympathy sees and says `I'm sorry', Compassion feels and whispers,
`I'll help'.

Earlier this month my friend Vanessa Fisher went away on a retreat at an ashram and asked me to research and writeup an essay about conflict and strife in our world that she could forward to her circle of compassionate companions.


June, 2005

Sometimes Little is Big
Making a difference doesn't need to be about the big things, the little things will do just fine.

May, 2005

Seeing and Being Your Core Social Values

By attending to and appreciating your core values as a daily practice and surrounding yourself with people who hold similar values you can create a happier and healthier life that is more pleasant, engaged and meaningful.

April, 2005

Cash is King

Running a business takes cash. With it, you're free to do as you please. Without it, you end up trying to please others. Essentially cash is like a king or queen -  it royally rules all of its constituents and governs all of their possibilities.


March, 2005

Seeing the "up" in the "down" side of living

Can you remember the last time you hurt so badly that you felt like you were going to die? You were so "down" it felt as if things would never feel "up" again. Sure you can. All of us can because that's life. As we continue along the life cycle, life teaches us that suffering is a part of living.

February, 2005
Giving Gratitude is Graciously Gratifying  Have you ever noticed how the past keeps appearing in the present?  Often without even knowing we're doing it, we're ruminating and/or daydreaming about things gone past.  If we're ruminating, the past is probably making us miserable and if we're daydreaming, the past is probably making us happier.  We all want to be happier.  So here's two ways you can put the past to work for your happiness.

January, 2005
Your Realized Resolutions

Well another year is upon us and if you're like most people those oh so bright resolutions you made during the celebrations and festivities of that New Year's Eve party are slowly dimming in your memory.  We've all had good intentions...

December, 2004
Using a dynamic diary as a dialogue for discovery
Do you have a special someone in your life you'd really like to chat with but the timing is never right for either of you? Let technology help.

December, 2004
An Experiment in Time
Ever think that time is spending you more than you are spending time?

November 2004
Making Happiness Happen
Ever wondered how you can become happier?  Research shows that each of us can make happiness happen more often in our lives.  Here's how...

July 2004
Case Study - A detailed account of the TalkInc organizational consulting process and expected outcomes  (Adobe PDF -  35 kb)

A Proposed Study of Hypnagogia  (PowerPoint - 107kb)

Aging and The Sense of Self  (PowerPoint - 183kb)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy  (PowerPoint - 427kb)

Courtship_Sales  (PowerPoint - 248kb)

Creative Thinking during Changing Times  (PowerPoint - 265kb)

Lucid Dreaming and You  (PowerPoint - 1.1mb)

Mapping Marketing  (PowerPoint - 114kb)

Studying the Dreamseekers  (PowerPoint - 1.1mb)

Who am I now  (PowerPoint - 98kb)


Guest Contributions

May  2005
My God Problem
By Natalie Angier
More Americans believe in angels, devils, and poltergeists than in evolution. The evidence is in and evolution is for real, but why isn't  it mainstream knowledge?

June 2005
Managing the Expectation Gradient Part 4: Don't Read This Article - How the Mind Understands Instructions
by Frank Young Ph.D.

March, 2005
Managing the Expectation Gradient Part 3: The Power of Sincere Apology
by Frank Young Ph.D.

February, 2005
Managing the Expectation Gradient Part 2: Arrangements we make with others
by Frank Young Ph.D.

January, 2005
Managing the Expectation Gradient Part 1: Arrangements we make with ourselves
by Frank Young Ph.D.


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