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TalkInc.'s Key Employee Effectiveness Program (KEEP) provides employees in your organization with the understanding, knowledge and skills to elevate their contribution in  ways that support and compliment your organization's strategic vision, financial objectives, market identity, creative solutions and community involvement  such that the organization and its key employees develop in a healthy, sustainable and ethical manner.

What are the benefits of KEEP?

  • Employees become more valued and more valuable.
  • Employees are able to assume greater responsibility and increase their contribution. 
  • Employees are better equipped to  support organizational transitions and manage change.
  • Employees have an  increased understanding of the organization as a coherent whole.
  • Employees develop highly refined interpersonal skills and competencies.
  • Employees acquire better  decision making and problem solving skills.
  • Employees become more aware of  a customer's individual needs and styles.
  • Employees make a commitment and design a plan to continue personal development.

Who should attend a KEEP?

  • Those who want to learn and improve their performance.
  • Those who desire to participate in increasing the effectiveness of the organization.
  • Those who want to assume greater responsibility.
  • Those who want to be an integral part of organizational transition and change.
  • Those who are eager to contribute to the growth and success of the organization.

What is a KEEP program like?

  • KEEP helps you manage  learning  and knowledge acquisition in the workplace.
  • KEEP can involve  between two to thirty participants for any psycho-educational program.
  • KEEP includes  seven half-day modules  that can be  customized to meet your  schedule.
  • KEEP utilizes  individual and small group homework  between each half day session to help reinforce individual learning. 
  • KEEP helps an employee create a continuing personal development plan and commitment. 
  • KEEP graduates attend a grad ceremony and receive a certificate of  completion.


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