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Case Study - A detailed account of the TalkInc organizational consulting process and expected outcomes (Adobe PDF - 35 kb)

TalkInc.'s  coaching programs are custom designed for family-based entrepreneurial enterprises, organizational executives  and private practise therapists. We can provide detailed analyses and expert facilitations to fit your specific requirements.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Identifying  Individual and Organizational Core Values and Adaptive Intelligences
  • Strategic Planning for Understanding Vision, Mission, Goal Setting  and Action Initiatives
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy and Training Sessions
  • Collaborative and Strategic Decision-Making Encounters
  • Creating High Performance Teams and Leaders
  • Interpersonal Mediation & Conflict Resolution
  • Key Employee Effectiveness Programs
  • Personal Growth, Development and Motivation Coaching Sessions
  • Talking through Transition and Change with Individuals and Groups
  • Building Effective and Rewarding Communication and Relationship Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving and Conceptual Blockbusting
  • Understanding the Uses and Abuses of Stress
  • Navigating the Path from Surviving to Striving to Thriving

Evolving Entrepreneurial Existence   Cash is King   The Courtship Sales System   Creativity and Conceptual Blockbusting  

A TalkInc coaching program can provide you with demonstratable and  significant cost savings as well as increased individual, team and organizational performance and satisfaction.  As an organizational leader you need not only effective, enthusiastic and committed employees, but creative individuals whose energy can be positively channelled  into a balanced and meaningful organizational and personal life. Once TalkInc helps you, your organization and its members to become  tuned and aligned, the resulting synergy  can transfer to your clients, customers and respective communities.


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