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I see that TalkInc is based in Calgary, Alberta, but my organization is in Vancouver B. C., how would we go about working together given the distance between us?

Given the convenience and relatively low cost of telecommunications, internet hookups for audio and video streaming, high speed email accounts and discount airfares we would conduct our relationship using a combination of these consulting/coaching delivery methods in a manner suited to your needs and budget.  Ideally we would do a fair share of the contact over the phone and by email with in person visits at your location and ours from time-to-time. 

On your website you say that you are a  consultant/coach for entrepreneurs and family-businesses, but I see that some of your offerings would help us here at our Fortune 1000 corporation. Is there some way we can work together?

Even though we specialize in assisting entrepreneurs and family-businesses with organizational concerns many of our interventions can be tailor-made for large organizational groups/divisions/profit centers (see the KEEP and SDi program information).  Our coaching programs are always one-on-one in nature, so yes, if an executive is interested in TalkInc we can meet with her/him to investigate the parameters of a coaching relationship. 

Since you are registered psychologists can you help me with intelligence and adaptive functioning testing for my son in junior high school?

All registered psychologists complete a graduate degree in psychology, a 1600 hour internship and write the same professional licensing examination, but  like most things in life our work is divided into specialty areas.  Psychology is a large and detailed discipline and any one of us cannot do everything.  Fortunately though we do know several professional colleagues in other psychology specialty areas and would be quite comfortable referring you to one of them.  Just drop us a line and we'll help you make the right connection with the right psychology professional.

My women's group meets once a month and we are interested in finding out about psychology in the workplace.  Can you help us?

Yes, we can help.  Dan Mckinnon, Registered Psychologist, Ph.D. - (Education) gives short presentations for public relations events and keynote addresses, as well as participate in media programs/interviews and  provide editorial writings for newspapers and magazines. Contact us to schedule a speaker/writer who can address your special needs. 


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