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Conversations Catalyze Character Changes

The conversations we share during a coaching relationship enable the process of character change. Conversations catalyze changes in consciousness. The coach's fundamental role is to converse with the client and collaboratively help them remember who they are. With passionate probing and strategic coaxing the coach guides the client into the undiscovered hallways and rooms of their character's interior castle.

And then, having explored and discovered the inner space of the client's character, the coach leads the client to an open window in their interior castle's wall for an outward view of the contextual landscape that delineates the boundaries of their character. It is by remembering yourself, who you are in-yourself and in-the-world that you experience the delight that arises from the taste of your own consciousness. And with this one taste you are ready to celebrate and feast on the sweet, succulent nourishment of knowing who you are. Coaching isn't therapy, it's catalytically using conversations to remember, discover and change one's character.


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