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SDi is based on five decades of research into the bio-psycho-social-spiritual spiral of human development and cultural evolution that operates as a prime directive within human nature and drives humanity's perpetual quest toward greater complexity. The SDi theoretical model and its applied methods offer a powerful, holistic approach to human development, problem-solving, personal transformation and cultural change. It dynamically integrates people's life conditions, values and decision-making processes.

SDi reveals the deeply embedded and often hidden codes (vMemes) that define the core adaptive intelligences and values that emerge as human beings adapt to changing life conditions and contexts. These vMemes arise along a spiraling developmental spectrum of human and cultural change. SDi is a way to think about complex relational systems and leadership strategies as they apply in individual lives, in organizations, in civic communities and in cultures.

SDi offers a great deal to the understanding and application of leadership skills and strategies because it is crafted on a conceptual model of human nature that is fully contextual, holarchical and integral. It is a means of rapidly transcending while including all that has gone before. Effective leaders must know and live by their own values as well as understand the values that motivate the lives of the people they lead. An integral, values-based SDi leader strives to bring full value to their constituents and the communities they serve.

spiraldynamics.net The Value of Values Evolving Entrepreneurial Existence

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