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Existentialism is a philosophical approach that takes as its starting point the individual's existence. Its concerns are fundamental and immediate to ourselves - Who am I? What am I? What life can I live? How will I choose to live my life? Existential/humanistic therapy concerns itself with how a person chooses to construct their existence when confronted with the ultimate concerns of a "lived-life" like: death, dying, ageing, suffering, anxiety/despair, isolation/relatedness, freedom/choice, meaninglessness, intentionality, authenticity, self-awareness and self-actualization. Its healing power is derived from the relational connectedness and rapport that emerges between the therapist and client as they intimately talk over time. Existential/humanistic therapy is a radical form of deep therapy that aims to open a person up such that they become more sensitive to life, more at ease with mortality and more whole as an individual. Got a question, need an answer, Let's Talk.


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