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In this KEEP seminar you will be introduced to the courtship sales system, a proven method  and means for using relationship selling to market your organization and yourself.

This seminar incorporates short lectures and stories, small group discussions, hands-on exercises and dynamic homework assignments to help you explore relationship selling and applied marketing.

Together we will:

  • Examine how the sales/marketing process resembles a courtship and relationship
  • Map out the milestones of the sales/marketing process
  • Learn how to use dynamic questioning to discover a client's buying needs
  • Discuss how concepts like newness, urgency, compelling events, unique sales propositions and benefit/value-added solutions can be used to increase your sales
  • Practice dealing with objections so that you can transform a client's "no" statements into "know" statements that get you closer to a sale
  • Demonstrate how knowing your competitors, knowing your clients and knowing yourself can create a marketing advantage for your company
  • Identify the key relationships in your circle of influence that can generate leads and referrals that make the sales/marketing process easier and more effective
  • Learn how the science of persuasion can help you become a better applied marketer

Half day encounter (4 hours)

Download Courtship Sales powerpoint presentation.

Click here to download the Mapping Marketing power point presentation


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