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Meet them where they are, then take them where they are going

During the lifespan each of us, all of us seem to move within a distinct developmental trajectory. If we look at this trajectory historically, culturally, collectively and individually particular levels of existence, core values and adaptive intelligences become evident. The human developmental project involves mastering, while transcending and including these eight levels: a survival imperative, forming and belonging to clans, ego needs and desires, an authority and rules orientation, rational achievement drives, egalitarian fairness and sharing, acting from an understanding of and concern for systemic wellness, and a holistic, process-oriented compassion for all that is. Keep in mind though, that this developmental trajectory is both dynamic and integral. Change always catalyzes consciousness.

As one's life situation shifts and changes, a person uses the awareness and resources available at their unique developmental level to grow beyond the situation and evolve their way of being-in-the-world and being-with-the-world. When helping others one's prime directive must be to empathize with and engage the other at their unique level within their particular developmental trajectory. Forgetting this prime directive means missing the mark for making a difference. As an effective helper and another human being engaged in this our shared developmental project we must first and foremost, meet them where they are, then take them where they are going.


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