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Sometimes my enemy can clarify my character


Have you ever wondered what it is that your enemy is inadvertently revealing to you?

Usually those who disagree with us, disappoint us, and dislike us seem to be so unreasonable, irrational and emotional.  They are so different from us.  But at the same time what my apparent enemy does for me is amplify and intensify my own opinions, emotions and values. One is never more passionate than when they are defending their precious, personal position. Be it one's enemy or oneself.  And it is my enemy that alerts me to raise my defenses and protect myself.  Ironically though, when I raise my defenses I expose my own precious, personal position.  It is in the looking glass of my enemy's difference that I see myself.  I have come to learn that the stronger the difference between us, the clearer my self-reflection.  Reflection begets insight.  And occasionally, I see that sometimes my enemy can clarify my character.



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