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To pursue or to practice happiness that is the question.

Happiness: everyone wants some.

But how does one find it, get it, keep it and become it?

In our information-overloaded, choice-obsessed, media-mad culture it's quite easy to be seduced into the near pathological pursuit of the quick fix and stimulation addiction.  And yet, each of us does pursue, find and even get happy from time to time.

Getting some happiness feels good, it's pleasant, it's a "high" but like most highs it doesn't last.  For some the royal road to an authentic, enduring happiness is less about a destination to arrive at and more about a way of being flowingly engaged and absorbed in the on-going journey of life.  Lasting happiness can arise, surge and flow moment by moment if one practices the art of mindfully manufacturing meaning.

Essentially getting happy is a way and practice, a process and attitude, a habit and approach, by which one learns how to consciously craft meaning-filled moments, thus, making happiness into a practice of perpetual becoming.


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