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The present of your present.


The genesis of an abundant future for yourself consists in your giving all to what is present.  By biding in the eternal now, you are biding in being - you become all that is - you become one with infinity and immortality.

But how does one bide in the eternal now? This now, the very now you find yourself in, is pregnant with your future. But how does one impregnate their future from the present?

The intimate act of co-mingling in a dynamic relationship with your present and thus birthing your future can be achieved by passionately practicing these three movements of mindfulness meditation and manifestation: waiting, watching, and wondering.

Start now by suspending the disbeliefs, judgments, thoughts and reactions that make up the meanderings of your everyday mind so that you create a mental spaciousness and clearing in the present for your future to arise in all its inevitability, purity, lucidity and glory. The present of your present is a passionate practice. It is an intentional intimacy with immortality. Once you receive the gracious gift of a bountiful present, return it to the future by feeling gratitude for the now during your next encounter with the now.


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