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On Intentionality


All that humankind has created on our earth has arisen from intentionality.  Intentionality is human adaptive-awareness-in-action.  It is goal-directed knowing.  It is the projection of purpose and meaning into reality by the perceiver of that reality.  Ironically once a person sets and triggers their intentionality, amazing natural forces seem to conspire to bring it about.  Reality cultivates and collaborates with human intentionality.  Could it be that my inklings of intentionality are actually Nature's harmonious �mental chordsand notes' sounding within me, encouraging me to dance with her in tempo to the music of the universe across the great ballroom of life?  "Yes".  Intentionality begins with my individual, subjective inside dimension, and then becomes an integral part of our collective, objective outside dimension.  Intentionality begets reality, reality begets intentionality.


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