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Give chance a chance

Chance is the perennial seed of evolutionary change. Human existence survives, strives and thrives by chance. We awaken each day and whether we know it or not go out into a world characterized by our willingness to live by chance. The absolute fact of chance makes the difference between a life of which the keynote is resignation or hope. All questions about the nature of existence, be they spiritual, philosophical, psychological or scientific, are but sophisticated expressions of faith that an answer will appear. So why not put a little faith in chance. As we all know anything can happen at any time. The only consistency about living is that it is chancy and contingent. To be or not to be is a matter of chance. During life each of us has the chance for more life because the nature of life itself is chance. Keep the faith, believe in chance, and life will reward you with more of itself, just by chance. Now is the time to give chance a chance.


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