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Seeing and Being Your Core Social Values

Common sense tells us that by knowing what we value and by living those values on a daily basis we become happier and healthier. Yet while working the daily grind it's hard for most of us to find the time or energy to even notice what our values are, let alone live them. In the 21st century the lived life seems to be a lot about valuing doing and very little about valuing being. Fortunately researchers have developed an empirically-grounded, relatively easy way to uncover and discover your core social values. Here's how you can reward yourself with something of value by taking a short break from all that doing and start being. Go to the website of the Canadian research firm Environics and register/sign-in. Once you're signed-in, complete the 3CS Social Values Survey and in a matter of minutes you'll see your core social values appear and have a chance to look over the attributes of your "values tribe". By attending to and appreciating your core values as a daily practice and surrounding yourself with people who hold similar values you can create a happier and healthier life that is more pleasant, engaged and meaningful.



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