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Earlier this month my friend Vanessa Fisher went away on a retreat at an ashram and asked me to research and write-up an essay about conflict and strife in our world that she could forward to her circle of compassionate companions. Vanessa does this every month as a means of reaching out and helping in our world. I think and feel that it is a good consciousness raising piece for all of us. So here it is, let me know what it does for you.

Sympathy sees and says `I'm sorry', Compassion feels and whispers,
`I'll help'.

by Dan McKinnon, Registered Psychologist, Ph.D. - (Education)

Hi All;
It's a little earlier than June 1, but before you start your practice it would be best to read/view the following so as to get a true feel and a clear insight for what's happening on the ground and in the souls of Sudan/Darfur.

Since Vanessa is away ashramming, i've provided her original instructions for our continuing practice of bodhisattva benevolence. Ideally by rereading and hearing her words she can be here with us in spirit:

"So here's my proposal: I'd like to set up a network of Practitioners around the world of all faiths and backgrounds to devote half an hour a week to a shared practice with others that is centered around a specific conflict occurring in the world today.

How would this work? My idea was to send out a brief overview at the beginning of each month on a specific conflict that was occurring somewhere in the world and then throughout that month each of us could devote a half hour a week of our practice toward that particular conflict. The power of the practice would be that this half hour would occur at the same time for all those involved at their different locations on the globe, thus creating a shared practice of compassion toward one specific area simultaneously.

I am still in the learning stage of coming to an understanding of the complexities of these conflicts and felt that this was a way I could offer my support and love to those regions where I otherwise feel helpless and often overwhelmed by the sadness that such awareness brings. I also feel that I know some extremely amazing people (that’s you (-:) and that together we could create a very healing intention of shared compassion to offer to the world. The shared "we" space (even if long distance) is where I feel the greatest strength is given in my own practice, thus why I want to create this space with you."

This month's practice/contemplation/compassion is focused on the 20 years of conflict, starvation, despair and devastation that has and is going on in the Sudan/Darfur region of Africa. It will also beg the question, why in the world, is the world just watching?



So, keeping Vanessa's words,intentions and spirit in your mind's eye....

Map and overview of the region.

Photo gallery of the horrors in the

News background of the history of this

News report with interviews by one of my favorite journalist's Amy
Make sure to watch the video piece!

Together we can do even more.

Donate to the Canadian Red Cross. Our Corporate sponsor will double the donation! Just send us a note about your contribution and we will double the amount. When you donate, ensure you select the 'Sudan Crisis'.

Feel free to send your feelings, thoughts, impressions, hopes or fears to Vanessa, myself and anyone else who begins to dwell in your mind as you complete this month's compassionate contemplation with catalytic companions. From the realms of the subtle and casual let's make a difference...in the physical...

With integral care and friendship,



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