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Using a dynamic diary as a dialogue for discovery

Do you have a special someone in your life you'd really like to chat with but the timing is never right for either of you? Why not try inviting them to participate in a dynamic diary with you? Here's how: create a new text document on your word processor; format the document into two columns; set the print format for each column to a different style/color; at the top of the left column write in bold letters My/Your daily musings; at the top of the right column write in bold letters - Reflections on my/your musings; block book a maximum of thirty minutes at the beginning or end of your day for dynamic diarying; during your appointed time slot type whatever you need to say to the other person into the left column (leave two spaces after each entry); email the document to the other person inviting them to reflect upon your musings by writing into the right column and writing their own musings into the left column after your latest daily entry; make sure the other person knows to email their entries back to you the next day; if something needs to be addressed more than once simply cut and paste it into the applicable space for a later musing or reflection; continue this process of reciprocal dynamic diarying until you've both said what needs to be said. By committing to and participating in a dynamic diary with a special person you can create a detailed conversational map and intimate dialogue for discovery.


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