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Your Realized Resolutions


Well another year is upon us and if you're like most people those oh so bright resolutions you made during the celebrations and festivities of that New Year's Eve party are slowly dimming in your memory.  We've all had good intentions about making changes in our lives, but few of us have realized that change is more about a series of stages we practice and pass through than some ideal state that mysteriously happens to us.  Research has shown that a person can make faster and more reliable changes in their lives if they have a better understanding of the basic stages of change.  So while you were talking with your friends at the party about those New Year's resolutions which stage of change were you at and where are you situated in your change process now?


1. "I don't need to change"

2. "I might need to change and I might not" 

3. "I've tried changing a little bit now and then"

4. "Actually I made some changes a few months back and I'm still practicing them"

5. "I made a change a few years back and I'm still committed to sticking to it"

6. "I remember one time that I changed and kept on returning to my old behaviors until I identified what was triggering my relapses and developed and acted on a better strategy for change".        


As you can see changing one's behaviors requires: some insight into the stages of change, a strong intention and commitment to act on those changes, as well as persistently and perennially practicing those desired new behaviors over time.  If you want to make your resolution an everyday reality, you've got to start at the end with your goal in mind, break the resolution down into manageable smaller steps, and always remember to take action, assess and adapt your change process along the way.  Before you know it, your change becomes you you will have realized your resolutions.


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